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Sr.No. Tender ID Closing Date Opening Date Time
1 Supply of Electric Forklift Truck of 2.0 Ton Capacity (MND/ASEPTIC/E-TENDER NO.066/2021)(2021_MRSDM_750666_1) 24/1/2022 25/1/2022 03.00PM
2 Transportation of Milk Pouch and Milk products UHT products (MND/DISTRIBUTION/E-TENDER NO.050/2021)(2021_MRSDM_726338_1) 13/10/2021 14/10/2021 03.00PM
3 For Processing/ Conversion of Milk/ Skimmed Milk in to SMP and /or WMP (MND/VND/CONVERSION/049/2021) (2021_MRSDM_724861_1) 15/10/2021 16/10/2021 03.00PM
4 SUPPLY OF GLASS BOTTLE 200ML (MND/7/PUR/E-TENDER NO.047/2021) (2021_MRSDM_724248_1) 10-12-2021 13/10/2021 03.00PM
5 Supply of Opaque Polyfilm (MND/7/PUR/E-TENDER NO.046/2021) (2021_MRSDM_724232_1) 20/10/2021 21/10/2021 03.00PM
6 SUPPLY OF INDIAN COAL AND INDONESIAON COAL (MND/7/PUR/E-TENDER-045/2021) (2021_MRSDM_723928_1) 20/10/2021 21/10/2021 03.00PM
7 Supply of Caustic Soda Flakes (MND/7/PUR/E-TENDER NO.042/2021) (2021_MRSDM_723682_1) 20/10/2021 21/10/2021 03.00PM
8 Supply of Caustic Soda Lye (MND/7/PUR/E-TENDER NO.043/2021) (2021_MRSDM_723892_1) 20/10/2021 21/10/2021 03.00PM
8 SUPPLY OF HDPE 25KG KRAFT PAPER LAMINATED BAG WITH LD LINER (MND/7/PUR/E-TENDER-044/2021) (2021_MRSDM_723903_1) 20/10/2021 21/10/2021 03.00PM