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  • Enquiry for AMC of minus -18 c Milk Product Deep Freezer  click here
  • Enquiry for Ultrasonic Testing for the Ammonia Pressure Vessels click here
  • Enquiry for Annual Maintenance and Cleaning of Boiler No 15589 click here
  • Enquiry for Replacement of Refractory Front Smoke Box of our for IACE Boiler No 10753 click here
  • Enquiry for Annual Maintenance and Cleaning of Boiler No.15589  click here 
  • Enquiry for Ultrasonic testing for the ammonia pressure vessels pipelines, coils etc  click here 
  • Enquiry for Compressor installation inquiry  click here 
  • Enquiry for Replacement of refractory front smoke box of our for IAEC boiler no MR.10753  click here 
  • Enquiry for AMC for Daily Operation & Maintenance contract of ETP plant  click here
  • Enquiry for AMC of HT LT Panel & Transformer work  click here
  • Enquiry for AMC FOR GENERAL DISINFESTATION  click here 
  • Enquiry for Bare Inspection of Boiler No.10753 (4TH IAEC Boiler)  click here
  • Enquiry for Atlas Copco Make air Dryer Repairing work for air compressor No.2  click here
  • Enquiry for Quotation of rates for use oil drum & empty oil drum  click here
  • Enquiry for Quotation for shifting oil air receiver from boiler section to area near air compressur room  click here
  • Enquiry for Maintenance & repairing for Boufiglioli make Gear Box  click here
  • Enquiry for Calibration work of various measuring instruments  click here  
  • Enquiry for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance of Milk Product Stand Alone Refrigeration System  click here  
  • Enquiry for Service Provider for Fuel Staion (Revised Selection Guidelines)  click here  
  • Enquiry for Environmental Monitoring & Analysis  click here 
  • Enquiry for Annual Maintenance and cleaning of Boiler  click here 
  • Enquiry for Annual Maintenance contract of Motor Pump Rewinding & Repairing  click here 
  • Tender for Transport of Milk & Milk Product for outside of Mumbai  click here   
  • Tender for Transport of Milk & Milk Product for Mumbai & Suburban  click here   
  • Enquiry for Purchase Sulphuric Acid for LAB  click here   
  • Enquiry for Ascertaining the fair market value of 18 Flats of MRSDMM  click here  
  • Enquiry for weights stamping & calibration  click here