Mahanand Annapurna :

Prepared from cow milk,SMP, condensed milk having 3.5% fat and 8.5% SNF.

Mahanand Tej :

Tonned Milk prepared from cow milk,SMP and condensed milk   having 3.0% fat and 8.5% SNF.


Sr. No. Milk Name Fat Snf Packing size Packing Material Shelf Life Storage (Temp.)
1 Mahanand Annapurna Toned Milk 3.5(Min.) 8.5(Min.) 500/1000/
5000 ml.
Polyfilm 48 hrs. Below 8°C
2 Mahanand Toned Milk 3.0(Min.) 8.5(Min.) 250 / 500 ml. Polyfilm 48 hrs. Below 8°C